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European Patent Agreement for more than 40 years

On the 5th October, 1973 came to light the European Patent Agreement, by which 16 member States founded the European Patent Organization. Already in 1977 it was possible to file a European patent application, being valid in the chosen member states. On the 20th December, 1978 (exactly 40 years ago) the first declaration EP 0000001 was published. Since the implementation of the European Patent Agreement the number of member States has increased...

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Property rights for cheese and other foods

Copyrights NO – Patents YES The European Court of Justice (ECJ) determined in the court case C-310/17 that the flavour of the cheese („Heksenkaas“) cannot enjoy any copyright protection within the 2001/29/EG regulation. In case of food flavors there is a lack of a possibility to precisely and objectively identify them. In 2012 a patent was already granted for the process of the „Heksenkaas“ manufacturing. According to...

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Logos of sports clubs

Be careful when designing creative logos for a sports club! As ERLANGER NACHRICHTEN reported on 08.05.2018, the regionally active handball club TV61 Bruck learned that a logo designed by them did not appeal to football club Manchester United. Reason should be the similarity of the logos. The handball club has meanwhile designed a new emblem. In general, one should not be too much guided by existing, possibly world-famous logos in the design of a...

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