Principally freedom of imitation applies in Germany. This means that all goods and/or services may be imitated by any third party, unless the imitation is unfair or the goods and/or services are protected by an intellectual property right. Usually the imitations are cheaper and qualitatively worse than the original products, so the reputation of the respective company can be negatively affected or the competitiveness of the company could even be endangered due to high development and market launch costs.

For this reason, we advise you to protect yourself at an early stage in terms of intellectual property rights and prefer to invest manageable costs at the beginning in order to obtain a monopoly for your protected goods and/or services.

There are technical intellectual property rights – patents and utility models – as well as non-technical intellectual property rights – trademarks and designs – which can be obtained by registering in the respective register.

With the registration or the grant of the respective intellectual property right, the proprietor obtains an exclusive right to prohibit the use of the protected goods and/or services to third parties. The proprietor may put forward damage claims as well as cease and desist claims. In other words, the imitator may be threatened with a production stoppage or even the destruction of all infringing products.

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