The European Patent Office (EPO) Quality Report 2018 presents the European Patent Office IP-work and the satisfaction of the applicants in the year 2018 in comparison with previous years since 2015. The patent application examination procedure has had since years a large acceptance among applicants. In 2018 the percentage of satisfied applicants went as far as 76%, reaching even the 79% in the mobility and mechatronics sector, the 78% in the health, biotechnology and chemistry sector, and the 74% in the information and communication technologies sector. The satisfaction values in these sectors stay solid since 2015. As far as the duration of the opposition procedure is concerned the survey showed clearly in 2018 a higher 71% of satisfaction than the 37% of 2016. In general the satisfaction values appear firm enough as not to expect any significant rise in coming years. Obviously there can always be surprises.